fire&earth Warwick MEET NAOMI JOHNSON 

fire&earth Warwick MEET NAOMI JOHNSON 

Naomi Johnson

About Me 

I am a fully qualified sports therapist having completed my (BSc) Hons Sports Therapy degree, graduating with a 1st class honours. My role as a therapist is to assess, treat, rehabilitate and educate patients surrounding their injuries or musculoskeletal concerns. 
My passion lays within sport, as from an early age I have competed in athletics and gymnastics, so I understand the frustration an Injury can cause and the want/need to get back to full fitness and training. Having had experience working in both professional and amateur Rugby, I have a passion in aiding patients through a rehabilitation programme with the aim to re-gain their confidence and return to the sport/hobbies they love. 
As a sports therapist, I aim to help all patients, from those who have general niggles and tightness through to those with long-term injuries. By carrying out an initial assessment, I will be able to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for each individual, this may include such things as: massage, stretches and tailored strengthening programmes. 
Through my experiences, I have been able to provide clients with the knowledge and understanding about each injury phase and its impact on the recovery processes, both physically and psychologically. With my support, a path back to a good quality of life can begin. 
1st Class Honours Degree in Sports Therapy BSc. 
Pitch Side First Aid 


Leo House | Warwick | 01926 290619 


Wednesday: 9.30am - 7pm 
Friday: 9.30am - 7pm 


Sports Therapy: 30 minutes £45, 60 Minutes £65, 90 minutes £85 
Sports Massage: 30 minutes £45, 60 minutes £65 


Naomi was fantastic, she listened and explained the issue brilliantly. Over the following sessions it was amazing to learn how my poor biomechanics lead to injury and the process of fixing them was more about learning than just doing basic exercises, would definitely recommend. 
J. James 

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